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Hi I’m Bob. A quick background about me. I was baptized Lutheran and raised Lutheran. I went to church till my high school days. I was too busy to go to church then, so I thought. When I got married the second time my wife wanted me to go to church with her and her girls, but again I was selfish and did not go. That was so wrong. After my daughter got married she and her husband tried getting me to go to church with them. But again I did not. My son in law, David did not give up on me, so he invited me to Band of Brothers. To be honest the reason I agreed to go was for the zip line and paintball. What a surprise when I went and how it changed my life.

After my first Band of Brothers I got excited about church. After over 40 years of not going to church Band of Brothers got me going regularly. I found a church (Cedar Creek) that had the same format as Band of Brothers. I enjoy going regularly now.

After my second Band of Brother I wanted to do more with Band of Brothers and my church. Both of my sons in laws, David Needs and Brain Pointer were responders. I am NOT a public speaker, I was the hardest thing I had to do, but with their backing I signed up to be a responder at my third Band of Brothers. When I got home I joined a men’s group from church to get even closer to God and the church.

At my third Band of Brothers I was a responder with God’s help it was easy to do and I felt so rewarded after I did it. At this point I knew I had to do more for the church, so I used my talent of being a videographer and sigh up to be a camera man at church doing five services a month. I got so much from Band of Brothers that I wanted to give back, so I started to do the video/audio for Band of Brothers, and have been doing that ever since.

After my fourth Band of Brothers, I still wanted to do more with the church, so I got re baptized. I felt the first time it was for my parent, and this time it was for me.

Band of brothers has changed my life, every time I go I feel so much better about myself and God also I learn something new that I missed the last time. I can’t thank the group of men from Band of Brothers for all that they have done for me. None of this would have happened if it was not for Band of Brothers.


Few things in this world are truly “life changing” but Band Of Brothers has been just that for my family and I. B.O.B. has helped me understand who I am in God’s eyes. It has helped restore several broken relationships in my life and deepen many others. B.O.B. has helped me heal and forgive myself from bad decisions of the past. The quiet time and teaching/sharing that we experience at B.O.B. is something that I can no longer imagine not having as part of my life every 6 months. Every time I return to B.O.B. God has something new to reveal to me. Outside of a major life event there is no way I would miss a single B.O.B. in the future.

-David Needs

This event has been a life changer for me. I can’t think of anything in my life that has had such a spiritual impact on me spiritually and opened my eyes to relationships as a person in general. To have time to spend with other men, build relationships, spend alone time with Christ and also to be a kid again (zip lining and paintball) is great. My thoughts of being a man were so wrong before this event. I thought a “man” was to be cold, keep few people close and internalize everything. I couldn’t have been more wrong and as I learned Christ wants the exact opposite of that and that relationships of “brothers” is a healthy thing. Now I want to bring more men into that way of thinking and that will get them closer to Christ as well. I’m just so thankful that Christ (especially when I needed it), and that someone (Doug Young) invited me to this event even though I hadn’t spoken to Doug in over seven years! I’ve been to four band of brother events and plan on coming to many more in the future.

-John Wilton

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