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Band of Brothers is something I can't imagine not having as part of my life every 6 months.

Band of brothers changed my life. Every time I go I feel better about myself and learn something new.

Outside of a major life event there is no way I would miss a single B.O.B. in the future.

This event has been a life changer for me. I can’t think of anything in my life that has had such a spiritual impact on me spiritually and opened my eyes to relationships as a person in general. To have time to spend with other men, build relationships, spend alone time with Christ and also to be a kid again (zip lining and paintball) is great. My thoughts of being a man were so wrong before this event. I thought a “man” was to be cold, keep few people close and internalize everything. I couldn’t have been more wrong and as I learned Christ wants the exact opposite of that and that relationships of “brothers” is a healthy thing. Now I want to bring more men into that way of thinking and that will get them closer to Christ as well. I’m just so thankful that Christ (especially when I needed it), and that someone (Doug Young) invited me to this event even though I hadn’t spoken to Doug in over seven years! I’ve been to four band of brother events and plan on coming to many more in the future.

-John Wilton

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